DSP - Draw Send Play - Duncan Chapman >>>

network sonification workshop
Place: Internet
Workshop Concert: Trafó / Internet

Led by: Duncan Chapman

December 12. (saturday), 2:00PM - 5:00PM (workshop)
December 13. (sunday), 5:00PM - 6:00PM (rehearsal)
December 13. (sunday), 6:00PM (concert)

This workshop will explore ways that remote participants can collaborate in a performance via the internet using easily accessible / free software.
Several participants in different European locations will be connected in real time to each other and Duncan Chapman who will be at the festival in Budapest. Using shared drawing (via MSN whiteboard or other free online drawing environment) , text instructions and emailed photographs we will conduct a series of experiments to create a piece for live performance at the festival.
Each remote participant will hear the results of the changes they make to the piece in real time via audio relay from the performance in Budapest.

Participants will need to have access to an internet connection, a digital stills camera and a computer capable of running windows software (the software we will be using will run on a very basic machine). Participants will be drawn from existing networks as well as by posting on appropriate newsgroups (SANlist, Soundasart, etc).

Before the festival we will be contacting potential participants and doing some technical testing to ensure that we are able to connect etc.

- For collaborative drawings: MSN whiteboard there are also several other online drawing websites that it would be good to experiment with.
- For rendering as audio: Coagula (which is a free Windows based program similar to Metasynth)
- For connecting together: Skype or MSN Messenger

Part of the aim of this project is to try to use tools that are widely available and free/open source.

The main outcome of the project will be workshop performance on the Sunday. Participants will also get a recording of the performance.

Netrooms: The Long Feedback - Pedro Rebelo >>>

Join in “The Long Feedback” and contribute to a multi-site network performance!

Place: Trafó / Internet
Workshop Concert: Trafó / Internet

Led by: Pedro Rebelo

December 12. (saturday), 2:00PM - 5:00PM (workshop)
December 13. (sunday), 6:00PM (concert)

Netrooms: The Long Feedback is a participative network piece which invites the public to contribute to an extended feedback loop and delay line across the internet. The work explores the juxtaposition of multiple spaces as the acoustic, the social and the personal environment becomes permanently networked. The performance consists of live manipulation of multiple real-time streams from different locations which receive a common sound source. Netrooms celebrates the private acoustic environment as defined by the space between one audio input (microphone) and output (loudspeaker). The performance of the piece consists of live mixing a feedback loop with the signals from each stream. For this performance participants will develop collaborative strategies during a workshop with a view to exploring mobile listening and transmission within one single building.

To participate contact makingnewwaves2009@gmail.com by the 5th September and we will send you a PD patch. You can participate from anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. All you need to do is load the patch during the performance times and listen... You can make a sound, be silent, play music, talk to others and listen... but remember it’s a long feedback loop!

Technical Requirements:
- 1 laptop with Microphone (internal or external) and Loudspeaker (internal or external)
- Pd-extended 0.39.3.-extended or higher (http://www.puredata.org)
- Patch provided when you email us
- Broadband Connection with UDP and TCP ports 8100 open

Previous Performances of Netrooms include
2nd April 2008 Berkeley, California [CNMAT, University of California Berkeley]
4th April 2008 Stanford, California [CCRMA, Stanford University]
11th December 2008 Belfast, UK [SARC, Queen's University Belfast]
3rd March 2009 Aix en Provence, France [École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence]
August 2009, International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA) [Golden Thread Gallery, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast]
19 October 2009, Sonic Intermedia Series [Ars Electronica Centre, Linz]