December 10. 2009. (Thursday) Long Distance Dialogues

December 10. 2009. 8:00PM - Laser Avatars >>>

- Andrea Szigetvári: Aliquots and Aliquants
- Johannes Kretz: The Turing Test
Andrea Ladányi
Andrea Ladányi

Performed by:
Andrea Ladányi – laserharp
Kitty Fejes – laserharp
Andrea Szigetvári – live electronics
Johannes Kretz – live electronics
Ádám Siska – programming
Attila Kalcsú, János Wieser – lasertechnics

Two dancers, two rooms connected with a network, four laserharps. The movements and the sounds created by the dancers will be visualized in form of movements of the laserbeams. The dancers situated in two different rooms will dance with each other's laseravatars.

December 10. 2009. 8:40PM - Georgi Sztojanov: Hunger >>>

Performed by:
Narrator/Seltopuzik/Snake: Herczku Ágnes - singing
Eve: Éva Bodrogi - singing
Adam: József Gyabronka - actor
Georgi Sztojanov
Georgi Sztojanov

Péter Földes - flute, piccolo, alto flute
Zsolt Bartek - clarinet, saxophone
Eszter Krulik - violin, viola
Judit Gallai - violoncelo
Kata Koltai - sithar, el. bass

Soharóza Choir
Dóra Halas - chorus-master
Georgi Sztojanov - conducting

Rózsa Sebő - costumes, setting
Pál Nényei - text
Ferenc Tarr - director

The piece creates a new context for an old story placing Adam and Eve in the age of the Internet , Skype, chat and webcam. The new context and the modern technology opens the way to mix different genres, sytles and spaces: there is a mix of the opera and theater and video, classical music and folkmusic, burlesque and pantomime, seriousness and humour.

December 10. 2009. 9:30PM - Frank Gratkowski / David Wessel duet >>>

Frank Gratkowski - saxophone
David Wessel - live electronics (from California on the Internet)

United by the shared innovatory impulses of the fields of contemporary jazz, separated by the 10000 km, between Budapest and Berkeley (California), the "analogue" sax player, Frank Gratkowski and David Wessel, a pioneer in the use of virtuoso external controllers for computer music, perform and improvise together through the ether.

December 11. 2009. (Friday) Local networks

December 11. 2009. 8:00PM - Kathleen Supové - Exploding Piano >>>

Kathleen Supové - piano, electronics

- Jacob Ter Veldhuis (Jacob TV): The Body of Your Dreams (rev. 2004)
- Nick Didkovsky: Zero Waste (2002)
- Anna Clyne: On Track (2007) [video by Joshue Ott]
- Jason Freeman: Piano Etudes (2008)
Observing Squirrels, Learning to Dance, Reading a Poem, Trying to be Hip5
- Neil Rolnick: Digits (2005) [video by R. Luke Dubois]
Kathleen Supové
Kathleen Supové

Dubbed “the downtown piano queen” (The New Yorker), Kathleen Supové is known to audiences in New York and around the country for her virtuosic and compelling interpretations of new music, her theatrical flamboyance, and her constant experimentation in the presentation of concerts. In her concert at MNW she will challenge both herself and the audience by creating pieces in which the composer allows parts of the composition to be decided by the computer and/or the audience.


December 11. 2009. 9:30PM - European Bridges Ensemble >>>

Performed by:
Georg Hajdu - Kai Niggemann - Johannes Kretz - Ádám Siska - Ivana Ognjanović - Andrea Szigetvári - Stewart Collinson
European Bridges Ensemble
- Fredrik Olofsson (S): the choir, the chaos
- Daniel Iglesia (USA): Pundit Bingo
- Alexander Schubert (G): A Few Plateaus
- Jacob Sello (G): isms
- Johannes "DJ" Kretz (A): Encore
- Johannes "DJ" Kretz (A): "Two Arias" for Quintetnet: "may I feel" and "Ruby's facebook status"

The European Bridges Ensemble was established for Internet and network performance. Its current members are Kai Niggemann (Münster, Germany), Ádám Siská (Budapest, Hungary), Johannes Kretz (Vienna, Austria), Andrea Szigetvári (Budapest, Hungary), Ivana Ognjanovic (Belgrade, Serbia), Georg Hajdu (Hamburg, Germany), and Stewart Collinson (Lincoln, England), performing with Georg Hajdu’s interactive network performance environment
In 2009 July the ensemble worked at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg together with four young composers to create new network pieces. The result will be presented at MNW2009.

December 12. 2009. (Saturday) Dream of futurists

December 12. 2009. 8:00PM - MERZBOW / Balázs Pándi duet >>>

Performed by:
MERZBOW (Masami Akita) - laptop
Balázs Pándi - drums

"If music was sex, Merzbow would be pornography." (Masami Akita)

MERZBOW (Masami Akita)
Pándi Balázs
Pándi Balázs

Merzbow is the recording name of the most well known Japanese noise artist. Inspired by Dadaism, Surrealism, and Futurism, and on the other hand, by the Japanese strain of Japanese sado-mazochism, Merzbow has been continually fascinated by noise as both sonic detritus and vehicle for spiritual ecstasy.
At the festival Mezbow will play together with a genre-crossing, young Hungarian acoustic drum player, Balázs Pándi.

December 12. 2009. 9:15PM - Zoltán Pintér: ...eine kleine sonnen canone... >>>

433 ps - for four motorcycles

Performed by:
Czakó Szabolcs – Yamaha R6 (129 HP)
Ádám Siska – Yamaha R6 (129 HP)
Tamás Strém – Yamaha R1 (182 HP)
Zoltán Pintér – Yamaha R1 (182 HP)

Motorconcert is a 10 minutes piece for four Yamaha motorcycles, where the instruments are the most beautifully sounding engines of the music history. The dream of futurists will come true!

December 12. 2009. 9:30PM - Post-show discussion with Masami Akita

December 13. 2009. (Sunday), 6:00PM - Workshop Closing Concert >>>

The participants of the "Netrooms: Long Feedback" and "DSP: Draw Send Play" workshops will present the result of their work.